Fix inability to make calls over Bluetooth following firmware update to 0770 and above

If you have a MY2012/2013 car and enable the firmware beyond version 0770, you lose the ability to make telephone calls via Bluetooth. The car expects you to use the built in SIM only. To remedy this, enable the ‘Make calls using’ function via the green menu:

Enter the Hidden Menu

Select Main

Select Diagnose

Select Settings

Select tel_settings

Check “NAD operation mode”


Press CAR to exit the hidden menu

Reboot the MMI

Once the MMI reboots you will be prompted as to which device you’d prefer to make calls on – either MMI or your Bluetooth telephone. Select Mobile Telephone. Once selected a second reboot is required.

If everything has worked correctly you will see the above
Restart when prompted
You will see the second phone signal meter at the bottom of the display.

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